In computer science classes, labs
provide hands-on programming experience.
But for instructors and TAs, checking students
in and recording scores is cumbersome.
CMULab streamlines the process.

Automatically-generated QR codes

Students run a script on their computer that generates a QR code with their student ID. Instructors and TAs simply scan the code with their phone to fill in a mobile-ready scoring form.

Secure Google authentication

Instructors and TAs can sign into CMULab with their university-provided Google account. No need for annoying account setup or remembering a long passphrase. We keep your information confidential.

Awesome admin options

Designated course administrators have a wealth of resources available to them. Easily export scoring data as CSV, designate lab activities by date, and add/remove users.

Get started today!

All you need is Node.js and Mongo.
CMULab is already in use for 15-122 at
Carnegie Mellon, and the course staff loves it.